CETMAR workshop

Towards a pact for skills in the maritime technology industry

On 16th November MATES coordinator CETMAR organised the workshop “Towards a pact for skills in the maritime technology industry” as part of Business2Sea. Business2Sea is an international event facilitating interaction among people and organisations and promoting projects and businesses within the marine economy. The workshop demonstrated how skill requirements in the blue economy will probably change in the future as a result of emerging trends such as digitalisation, the rising demand for more sustainable practices and the adoption of new technologies.

During the workshop, participants were broken into smaller groups for in-depth discussion and debate on the implementation of the proposed Pact for Skills of the European Skills Agenda. The Pact for Skills of the European Skills Agenda is a new engagement model to encompass efforts from industry, public and private employers, social partners, education and training providers and employment agencies.

Overall, the workshop made a very positive contribution towards disseminating information about the Pact for Skills among the maritime community. The discussions and recommendations put forward by the participants provided insights from a stakeholder perspective.


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