MATES Validation Workshops

MATES partners have held a number of workshops over the past few months, engaging with stakeholders and experts to validate MATES baseline reports and to decide upon the future direction of the MATES strategy. These workshops were:

‘Offshore Renewables, Green Technologies & Innovation Management’ organised by AQUATERA in Edinburgh, UK (29/10/2018)

‘Innovation management and gender balance at shipbuilding sector’ organised by MATES coordinator CETMAR in Vigo, Spain (04/12/2018)

‘Digital Skills, shipbuilding and off-shore renewable energies’ organised by UGent in Flanders, Belgium (12/12/2018)

‘VET standards and governance, Innovation management at Offshore Activities’ organised by FRCT in Ponta Delgada, Portugal (14/12/2018)

‘Green Technologies, Ocean literacy, shipbuilding’ organised by CERTH in Thessaloniki, Greece (19/12/2018)

A final workshop ‘Achieving Impact of Pilot Experiences using Knowledge Transfer’ was held by AquaTT in Dublin, Ireland (13/03/2019) exclusively for partners. The workshop was devoted to the COLUMBUS Knowledge Transfer methodology, showing how it could be applied to the upcoming MATES Pilot Experiences, currently being designed by MATES partners. The MATES 11 Pilot Experiences will be launched in 2020.


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