The MATES project is now complete but it has not ended!

Read all about it here

The submission of the MATES Final Report (30th June 2022) is far from the end of the affair. MATES still has many treasures in store for those interested in the future of the maritime industries – offshore renewable energies and shipbuilding. And with energy prices soaring, who isn’t interested in seeing what the future holds for us, and perhaps how we can contribute or benefit from the many future opportunities that are mapped out in MATES.

The Pilot Experiences are a real eye-opener in terms of training opportunities and new skills for young people. Browse through the  Youtube videos in the MATES Youtube Channel Interesting opportunities for young women with an eye to the future.

Trainers, you will learn a lot if you take a look at the courses. Don’t miss the very helpful Layman Reports (link ) which set out exactly how to run these innovative courses, complete with Learning Outcomes and potential accreditation pathways.


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