Commission recommends a European approach to micro-credential for lifelong learning

Brussels, 10.12.2021 COM(2021) 770 final

The goal is for micro-credentials to be developed, used and compared in a coherent way among Member States, stakeholders, and the different providers (from education and training institutions to private companies) across different sectors, fields and countries.

The proposal :-

Supports the ongoing work on micro-credentials by Member States, stakeholders and diverse groups of providers across the EU.

Offers key resources and guidance for those providers, and others interested in exploring micro-credentials.

 Recommends Member States to:

-apply a common EU definition, standards and key principles for the design, issuance and portability of micro-credentials;

-develop an ecosystem for micro-credentials;

-deliver on the potential of micro-credentials to support lifelong learning and employability.


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