2017 Lindsay Laird Award

AQUATT and AMC Ltd celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Lindsay Laird Award at the EAS 41st International Conference, held in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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2020 Lindsay Laird Award

As the European Aquaculture Society has cancelled the 2020 International Conference, The Blue and the Green, The 2010 Lindsay Laird award for the most innovative student poster cannot now go ahead.

The event will now take place in the same venue from April 12 – 15 in 2021. (Covid 19 permitting, of course)


2016 Lindsay Laird Award

AMC Ltd and AQUATT celebrated the 9th anniversary of the Lindsay Laird Award at the EAS 40th Anniversary Conference (Food for Thought ,21-24th September), held in Edinburgh, capital of Scotland.

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