AMC Directors at EAS 40th Anniversary in Edinburgh

Dr Fitzgerald gave a brief outline of AMC’s history, before he launched the new-look E-Aqualex multilingual learning materials.

Dr. Fitzgerald’s presentation, entitled Bridging the Gaps: Two Decades of Digital Multilingual Tools from AQUALEX Multimedia Consortium in the Aquatic Sciences can be viewed here.

Mrs Eleftheriou’s presentation showed how ground-breaking previous work carried out by AMC Ltd and AQUATT on skills, competences and knowledge in the aquatic sciences sector (in the LEONARDO da VINCI WAVE and VALLA projects) had been used as baseline material in the EU 2020 Programme European Skills/Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO), in a paper entitled Making an Impact on European and International Employment Governance. Abstract can be viewed here.


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