ONEDIN 2 Multiplier Workshops

LEONARDO DA Vinci EL/99/1/068610/PI/III.3.a/cont (1999-2001)

Dissemination project aiming to maximize impact in the aquaculture community of online course delivery and to promote the course content through international workshops

What was achieved

  • International workshops with hundreds of participants
  • 2001: Ostend (Belgium) – held as part of EAS 25th Anniversary celebrations
  • Theme “Aquaculture and its role in Integrated Coastal Zone Management”
  • 2001: Cork (Ireland)
  • 2001: Trondheim (Norway) ONEDIN at AQUANOR (poster and workshop)
  • Workshop on” Better Use of Nutrients”


AMC Ltd, Dublin; Institute of Marine Biology of Crete, Greece; North Atlantic Fisheries College, Shetland, UK; Bergen Hog Skule, Bergen, Norway; AQUATT, Ireland


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