AQUALEX 2 IRL/99/1/071107/PI/III.3.a/cont

LEONARDO da Vinci Multiplier project (1999-2001)


  • to disseminate results of the AQUALEX LINGUA glossary
  • to update its content to include new developments in genetics
  • to translate it into Spanish, Norwegian, Italian

What was achieved

  • Further development of AQUALEX website (
  • Updated AQUALEX glossary (3500 items) in English, French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian
  • International 3-day workshop in Szczecin Poland with more than 100 participants
  • "AQUALEX: dissemination of a Multilingual Glossary in support of multimedia and online products related to fisheries and aquaculture” May 10-12, 2001.
  • Involvement of Wiley’s publisher in England, Praxis Publishers Chichester (see Media Centre gallery for images)


AMC Ltd, Ireland; Free University of Barcelona; University of Bergen, Norway; University of Cork; University of Palermo, Italy; AQUATT, Ireland; , Scottish Aquaculture Training Association (SATA) UK.


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