Ocean Literacy

AMC has vested interests in Ocean Literacy both  as a company involved in aquatic resources and as individuals who care about the future of our planet.  The ocean is our planet's life support system - and it needs our protection.

Ocean Literacy is defined as “an understanding of the ocean’s influence on you and your influence on the ocean”.Every single one of us is directly or indirectly influenced by or connected to the ocean in lots of ways: through what we eat, breathe and use, where we go on a holiday. 

AMC intends to support Ocean Literacy in several ways but the first step is here: the Network of European Blue Schools. We’ll circulate information concerning relevant and interesting activities.

This Network of European Blue Schools aims to challenge their students, at all levels, to develop a “Find the blue” project that links them to the ocean or the sea. By successfully completing the project and sharing its results, schools will receive the European Blue School label.

We’ll also circulate information on  the EU4Ocean Platform

The IOC Ocean Literacy Portal is a worldwide one-stop shop, providing resources and content available to all, with the goal of creating an ocean-literate society able to make informed and responsible decisions on ocean resources and ocean sustainability.


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