CEDEFOP & EUROFOUND Webinar 29th October

Ask the Expert: Report on European 2019 Company Survey related to Skills

important insights into:workplace practices, human resource management, skills and development, employee participation and social dialogue

AMC Director and MATES partner M.Eleftheriou, an invited participant, shares these insights HERE (link to paragraph below) with link to No 3 SLIDES

The survey showed the potential resilience of companies before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Though some of the surveyed companies may already have gone, some of the findings will be more important than ever.

Company Culture is all-important with regard to TRAINING

The report demonstrates how companies can design their workplace practices to generate outcomes that benefit both workers and employers.

It shows that by bundling practices that increase employee autonomy, facilitate employee voice and promote training and learning, businesses can boost performance while improving aspects of workers’ job quality.

96% of managers agree training is important for employees to do their current job and most workplaces in the EU offer at least some training, BUT only 9% offer comprehensive training and learning opportunities to their employees.


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