Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) 2022-2024 Strategy unveiled on 30th November

The QQI launched its 2022-24 Statement of Strategy on 30th November.

The full Strategy can be read here

The QQI has already developed an important integrated approach in the Irish tertiary system in further and higher education and training and teaching and research.

Its task now is to tackle a similar integration of different parts of the tertiary system  
at national policy level.

The objective is to promote greater coherence and mobility between tertiary sub-systems that have developed along different institutional lines, while still retaining the different pathways which enable learners to progress and develop their individual talents.


Of particular interest in its No 1 Strategic Priority (Information) are the commitments to:

  • Improving learner opportunities by including an increased range of flexible
    qualifications including micro-credentials in the Irish NQF.
  • Ensuring that all learners have access to accredited qualifications
    in suitable learning environments including the workplace.
  • Ensuring that learners have access to new high-quality apprenticeship programmes spanning further and higher education.


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