2016 Lindsay Laird Award

AMC Ltd and AQUATT celebrated the 9th anniversary of the Lindsay Laird Award at the EAS 40th Anniversary Conference (Food for Thought ,21-24th September), held in Edinburgh, capital of Scotland.

Here Lindsay spent most of her professional life as an academic but also working closely with the expanding aquaculture industry on different aspects of salmon production.

There were more than 80 student posters to be judged by Prof. Gavin Burnell, University of Cork, Ireland; Dr Chryssa Doxa, HCMR Crete, Greece; Ms. Margaret Eleftheriou, AQUALEX Multimedia Consortium, Ireland.

CECILIA de SOUSA VALENTE, from Brazil, is the first South American to gain this prestigious award with her interesting study on the comparison of survival rates and transcription profiles of target genes in the Pacific white shrimp kept in biofloc and clear seawater after experimental infection of White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV).

The winner received her prizes, an iPad Mini, books from Wiley Blackwell, Springer Editions and 5M publishing from Dr Bjorn Myrseth, former EAS President.


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