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PESCALEX Language Learning YouTube videos: French, Polish, Greek, Turkish

In accordance with our policy of promoting language learning in the less widely spoken European, targeting those languages important in the aquatic sciences, AMC has made and circulated YouTube video versions of the PESCALEX Language Game which was begun in the EU LdV project PESCALEX and further developed in the ERASMUS Thematic Network AQUA-TNET.

The Game tells the story of a young French student, Jean Martin as he arrives in Heathrow Airport and makes his way to an aquaculture work placement in rural England.

The storyline follows his arrival and the kinds of events that he would be likely to encounter as he travels to his destination, the Blue Trout    Farm, situated somewhere in rural England. The dialogues, recorded by native speakers, are framed in simple language which reflects everyday situations and incidents.

   In this way the Language Game gives users an attractive visually presented storyline and native speaker recording of the spoken dialogues     which can improve the language learning process for the complete beginner.        

PESCALEX Language game - French


    PESCALEX Language game in Polish


                   PESCALEX Language game in Greek


                                       PESCALEX Language game in Turkish





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