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AQUA-TNET Steering Committee Amsterdam: Jan 12-13 2014


Steering Group, January 2013

A meeting of the Aqua-tnet Steering Committee took place on 13-14th January 2014 in Amsterdam. Agenda topics included progress on project deliverables, plans for the annual meeting scheduled for June 2014, and strategies for ensuring the sustainability of the network and activities beyond the current EU LLP Erasmus funding.

AMC Director M. Eleftheriou attanded the AQUA-TNET meeting which was concerned with the planning of the ICT workshop being held as part of the AQUA-TNET Annual Event to be held in Malta in June.  

The final annual meeting of the Aqua-tnet III project is planned for  26-27th June in Malta. This will be immediately preceded by a two-day digital skills workshop to help participants adopt some of the latest ICT tools in their teaching (24-25th June). Further information will be available shortly.

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