AQUALEX LINGUA Action III 92-09/0719, 93-09/1223, 94-09/1819 1993-1996


AQUALEX – 4-language aquaculture glossary (English, French, German, Greek)

The AQUALEX project took as its starting point an English language aquaculture glossary produced in 1986 by Professor Harald Rosenthal (University of Kiel, Germany) under the auspices of the Mariculture Committee of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES). The glossary contained 1800 items and, given the multi-disciplinary nature of aquaculture, many of these had several different definitions.

The 1993 LINGUA project’s specific objective was the creation of a consistent body of terminology, organized in a much-expanded glossary providing full explanations of 2750 aquaculture terms in English, French, German and Greek. The range of terms thus defined included the cultured species, their biology, the farm environment and farm products, as well as the equipment used in aquaculture. All definitions were produced separately in each language by top-level scientists and aquaculture professionals.


What was achieved

Partners: Institute of Marine Biology of Crete, Institut fur Meereskunde at the University of Kiel, Germany; the Aquaculture Development Centre at university College, Cork, Ireland; CREUFOP, at the University of Montpellier II, France; and AQUATT, Dublin, Ireland.