ORION LEONARDO DA VINCI Project No (EL/01/BP LA 114443) (2001-2005)


ORION: Development of Virtual Learning Environment in environmental science, with online re-usable interactive modules in marine pollution and ecology, with self-learning packages in English, Greek, Portuguese and Swedish



To create a Virtual Learning Environment to be powered by a suite of innovative teaching/ learning tools. The ORION network aimed to link its partners via a distributed network combining an open access approach for its basic language learning units in English, Greek, Portuguese, Swedish, and the ORION Resources, and a restricted site which contains the course materials used in actual and jointly run academic courses.


What was achieved


  • New course materials, designed as weekly online study units, complete with online assignments and online tutorial support (2-10 weeks)




      1. Marine Environment (English, Greek)
      2. Marine Pollution (Greek)
      3. Production of Artemia, Rotifers, Phytoplankton (English, Portuguese)
      4. Age Determination of Otoliths (English)
      5. Marine Biodiversity (English)
      6. Tropical Ecology (English)


  • Content Management Tool for design and open-ended delivery of course materials
  • Content Management Tool Manual for academic users
  • Dedicated multilingual website
  • Online language learning units in English, Greek, Portuguese and Swedish with audio input
  • Creation of new marine pollution glossary (1400 terms) in English, Greek, Portuguese and Swedish
  • Resource repository with


      1. Aquaculture bibliography BIMAQUE (8600 items);
      2. Fish, Shellfish and Crustacean Meristics in English, Norwegian & Greek;


  • AQUALEX glossary in English, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian




Institute of Marine Biology of Crete; AQUALEX Multimedia Consortium Ltd Ireland; University of Stockholm Sweden; University of Algarve Portugal; University College Cork Ireland; National Centre for Marine Research, Athens, Greece; Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP);TEREUS SA, Athens,/IMPT, Crete, Greece.

Contact us

Please contact AMC Limited for any queries:

  • Hot line: +353 1 874 7088
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