VALLA (Validation of all Lifelong Learning in Aquaculture)   2007/10342 /TRA EQF/ IE/EACEA


Using the aquaculture sector as a pilot, the VALLA project aimed to demonstrate how to validate and recognize short-term sectoral training (including non-formal learning).

VALLA’s core objectives


What was achieved

VALLA occupational map for the aquaculture sector: allowing employers and training providers to develop courses meeting specific needs

The VALLA Occupational Map defined the whole range of occupations and job roles within the European Aquaculture sector. It contains information on numbers employed, key drivers in the sector, industry trends, analysis of current and future skills needs, progression routes and national occupational standards. Results of the project will be further analysed and developed by the EATIP Thematic Area "Knowledge Management" ( From an industry perspective the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP) we will be promoting the occupational and functional map to members and suggesting that students and academics consider these valuable results. (Picture: David Bassett (FEAP) presenting at the VALLA final conference)

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