Dr. Panos Christofilogiannis

AMC Board
AMC Ltd Ireland
Joined the Board in December 2013

Panos is a fish veterinarian with 20 years experience in European Aquaculture.
He is the founder and Managing Director of AQUARK

AQUARK is a consulting firm and technology and innovation amplifier specializing in European Aquaculture. AQUARK's mission is to consult, innovate, foresee, network, communicate, train, research, advocate, conserve and inspire in the field of aquaculture, as well as the protection and sustainability of global aquatic resources. AQUARK is a leading company in Technology Transfer to and from the aquaculture sector with long experience in high level industry training as well as product and services development for the sector.

Panos has extensive experience in research projects like:

PENED - G.S.R.T (1999-2001) / Y.P.E.R - G.S.R.T (1995-1997) / CRAFT - EU (1997-1999) / PESCA - EU and MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE (1999-2002)/ PROFET - E.U and F.E.A.P (2002-2004) / PANDA - E.U and F.E.A.P (2004-2006) / Aquainnovation Csn-intran - E.U.and F.E.A.P (2004-2006) / PESCALEX (2005-2007) / GUIDE FOR SUSTAINABLE MEDITERRANEAN AQUACULTURE (2006 -2007) (IUCN www.iucn.org) GRAN CANARIA, SPAIN / EXPERT CONSULTATION FAO/OIE/WHO USE OF ANTIMICROBIAL, SUBSTANCES IN AQUACULTURE / SEOUL SOUTH KOREA ,(2006) / Keynote Speaker in European aquaculture and its opportunities for development Brussels 15 & 16 November 2007 (DG FISHERIES & MARITIME AFFAIRS) (2007) / PROFET POLICY - E.U and F.E.A.P (2007) / PESCALEX 2 (2008-2010)/ VOCATIONAL AQUALABS (2009-2011) / INTRANEMMA (2010-2012) / TARGETFISH (2012-2017)


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