AQUALEX Multimedia Consortium Ltd (AMC) has a long history in online aquatic science e-learning. In 1999, AMC expanded its multilingual CD-ROM provision by launching its aquaculture glossary AQUALEX online in 7 languages important for aquaculture (English, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Greek, Italian and German).

AMC Ltd went on to create a Virtual Learning Environment with a rich Resource Repository containing a variety of open access teaching/ learning tools including its basic language learning units in English, English, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish

The AMC mission was, is and always will be to provide top-quality multilingual aquatic science resource materials in order to help all scientists (especially scientists in training) to communicate easily within Europe’s multilingual scientific community.


AMC’s unique online resources:

Multilingual aquatic science glossaries

  • Aqualex: aquaculture terms and definitions translated instantly into English, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, German, Greek 
  • Pescalex: fish diseases terms and definitions translated instantly into English, French, Spanish, Norwegian, German, Greek, Polish, Hungarian, Turkish, Portuguese and Galician 
  • Marpol: marine pollution terms translated instantly into English, Greek, Portuguese and Swedish


Multilingual E-learning course/resources variously available in English, French, Spanish & Galician, Portuguese, Norwegian, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Turkish

  • Fish Health/Pathology - sea bass, turbot, carp, rainbow trout (Atlantic salmon and oyster to come)
  • Basic Techniques in Fish Haematology; Quality Assurance Fish Health Manual; Larval Culture; Marine Environment; Pollution; 


Self-instructional online language modules at beginner and basic levels

  • Available online in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Turkish with clickable audio input. Also available in printed manual at Beginner level.


Self-instructional Simulation Game - 20 scenarios available as Pdfs (English and Greek) and as Youtube videos (French, Polish, Greek, Turkish)

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